At Fido Fitness we believe dogs need something more than just play from their daycare experience. That's why we have created a unique and first-of-its kind program for your dogs to enjoy. 


Want More from Your Dog's Daycare Experience than just Socialization with Friends?

Fido Fitness is the first doggie daycare that offers a structured program not only for play but also for work so your dog comes home both physically and mentally tired and balanced.
Your dog will have personal one-on-one attention from quality dog trainers (not just people that love dogs but people that are skilled in dog body language) all day whether its our physical workouts of walks (indoor and out), our mental workouts of obedience training or playtime in a small group environment .  Your dog will not be lost in a crowd.  Our trainers also monitor the play and dogs are never allowed to play aggressively.  We teach dogs to play properly.  Come check out the is quite!  dogs are playing properly not barking or growling, but chasing and wrestling like dogs should!
Fido Fitness is also a great experience for puppies.  They learn proper socialization in small groups.  Not just lumped into a huge group to fend for themselves.  They are matched up with dogs of their energy that will help show them the ropes! We also help you with potty training since dogs are not allowed to go to the bathroom indoors.  They always get frequent potty breaks outside.

Nor Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow......

Being lifelong residents of Wisconsin we know what kind of weather we have to live with.  Just because its raining, cold, or snowing doesn't mean your dog doesn't have to be walked.  So if you don't want to bundle up and deal with this great Wisconsin weather - let us do it for you!!