Feedback From Our Clients

I have had five dogs prior to Bizmark, went through three different multi-week training courses, visited at least half a dozen doggie daycares (some I wouldn't even leave a house plant in their care) and actually used one chain doggie daycare for months.  Paws-itivly Behaved/Fido Fitness is hands down THE BEST.


For some crazy reason, I was not able to communicate with Bizmark early on in his life -- Paws-itivly Behaved taught me how to do that.  For some crazy reason, Biz is one of those dogs that will always test what he is allowed to do and will need to be reminded on a daily basis of what he can't do -- Fido Fitness is priceless in that he is learning that he HAS TO listen to EVERY human....ALL THE TIME!!  The supervised interaction between a few dogs is wonderful -- he used to come home with cuts/scratches from the other daycare after EVERY visit.  I told myself that "dogs will be dogs" until it NEVER happened when he was at Fido-- what I really should have been telling myself was that he was learning inappropriate play behavior when the other daycare staffed one human for up to twelve dogs.  I honestly think we would have had to surrendered Biz if we hadn't found all of you at Paws-itivly Behaved/Fido Fitness. 



Liz, Dave & Biz

Nick is our 10 month old Goldendoodle and we have been involved with Paws-itivly Behaved K9s since he was 9 weeks old.  We went through puppy class and 2 obedience classes with him.  Nick started going to Fido Fitness every Thursday starting in October.  That is the only day of the week we have peace!  When I pick him up from daycare, I open the van door and he looks at me like "you really want me to jump up there"?  The people that work at Fido Fitness are top notch.  When I drop him off I'm able to ask for help with a behavior problem that we're falling behind on and I can tell that it was worked on when I pick him up.  We receive a  "Doggie Daily Report Card" that tells exactly what he did during the day, the length of walks he went on and who he played with.  They are very informative.  Nick was trained to walk on a treadmill and he loves it!  At home he just stands on it until we turn it on.  He will even lay on it and take a nap when it's off.  I can not imagine any other place that cares about their clients like Fido Fitness does.  It shows in how excited Nick gets when we pull up on Thursday mornings.  I know he is safe there and when I drop him off I know he's not going to be placed in a crate for the day and forgotten about.  He comes home physically and mentally drained.  I never knew anyone could do that to Nick but Fido Fitness does it every Thursday for us.  All I can say is THANK YOU!!


Mary, Kit & Nick

I was first introduced to Fido Fitness at a class offered at Paws-tivily Behaved K9s.  I laughed at the name thinking my dog Hudson would be running around in a jogging suit and head band all day like Richard Simmons!  Little did I know.....they had him running on a treadmill, learning new commands with a trainer, socializing in a group setting, walking with a back pack, doing basic agility, being crate trained and the list goes on.  They had turned my crazy coonhound pup into a well balanced, socialized, amazingly calmer dog!  I am a true believer and I want to sincerely thank the Fido Fitness staff for offering such a wonderful environment to both physically and mentally care for my dog.


For anyone considering doggy daycare, Husdon really has benefited from the training and stimulation of the daily activities here at Fido Fitness.  He knows the days he goes and can't wait to get out of the door in the morning.  He absolutely loves the staff.  Anytime I have behavior or training  questions they're available.  It's been a great experience all around and I invite you to try it as well!  


Thank you,

Rebecca and Hudson